Relyk Productions is a growing team of people having a blast making videos.

It all began long ago, on a clear and sunshining kind of day….

Kyle and Mike, technically the “owners” of RP have been dreaming of doing video together since high school. Mike was actually supposed to be the audio guy, but got hooked into video editing while he and Kyle were at college. Ironically enough, this is also how he met his wife. As far as anyone knows, Kyle is still single, and if you ask Mike nicely, you might be able to get Kyle’s number!

Anyway, the duo got started on YouTube by making tutorials. To this day, the best performing video is an incredibly boring (and needlessly long) video about working with Microsoft Excel. Since the summer of 2013 the pair has been working hard to develop a more enjoyable channel.

Enter the team:

Since getting started, several videos have featured Zach – the ultimate mashup of Jim Carrey, Shawn Spencer (James Roday’s character from psych), and Mariah Carey (he can sing…).

Kate has helped out on both sides of the camera. She’s like all those actors who go on to become producers (they realize that’s where the real money is…???), except way cooler.

There’s a few more potential candidates for this page, but it might be a bit premature to list their first names here. Wouldn’t want any confusion.

In the meantime…

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